How to install YouTube AdSense account ads on blog / website

AdSense is an advertising service owned by Google. Most Blogger Create a blog to receive ads Google AdSense.

As we know AdSense become a dream Blogger to generate income from the blog.

Google The advertising side increasingly dominates after the purchase Youtube a few years ago. Automatically AdSense will always appear on youtube videos whose terms have been approved.

But the problem is that registering with Adsense for a blog is more difficult than registering AdSense-Youtube. It takes at least 3-6 months to get approved and even then you need to write consistently and of course the results of your own writing.

Many Blogger who are discouraged and stop writing because they are often rejected by Google AdSense.

But now there is an easy way out and can be a solution if your blog has been disapproved multiple times AdSense. That is by connecting an account AdSende-Youtube with your blog.

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The prerequisite is that you have an account Youtube advertising previously. Then the blog you want to register needs to use Top-level domain like .com .id or free domains like .ml .xy and others.

Once you’ve met both of them, here’s how to run ads on a blog with an account AdSense-Youtube.

1. Sign in to AdSense account She.

2. Click on My ads then choose Other products, then enter URL / blog address then you click Send.

3. After that you will get a code that you need to install on the blog, click on Copy

4th Go to your blog, click Designs, then click Edit HTML

5. Paste the code that was just downstairs then click Save on computer.

6th Back to your AdSense account, then tick I pasted the code into my website then click Complete.

7. Your blog has been successfully registered with AdSense, wait the next 3 days. AdSense checks your blog.

Try to keep writing articles during these 3 days so the chances of being accepted are even greater. How to run ads on a blog with one account Youtube AdSense, Hope it’s useful.

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