How to install Xposed Framework on Phoenix OS 64bit

Tutorial How to Install Xposed Framework on Phoenix OS Android x86 64bit – Xposed is a framework in which users can install modules without reflashing for additional functionality. Users can add their own functions that are not included in the ROM they are using.

In this article, I am going to share how to install Xposed on Phoenix OS with Android Nougat 7.1. Xposed itself has provided an Xposed installer for Android x86 and can definitely be used on Phoenix OS.

I’ve tried installing the Project Cerberus module and several other Xposed modules myself and the results can run normally. Alright, here are the materials and tutorials on how to install Xposed on Phoenix OS.

Compatible with versions:
– Phoenix OS 3.xx
– Phoenix OS ROC, SE
– Phoenix OS Scarlet XP
– and other Android x86_64 Nougat 7.1.


– File manager:
FX File Explorer
Link: Google Play Store
Root add-on for File Explorer (for root system access)
Link: Google Play Store
– Termux
Link: Google Play Store

The Termux application is used as an option for Phoenix operating systems that cannot enter the terminal because Magisk is already installed

– Xposed Framework v89 sdk25 x64
Link: Google Drive
– Xposed installer 3.1.5
Link: Google Drive

Tutorial for installing Xposed Framework on Phoenix OS:

1. Please install FX File Explorer, File Explore Add On and Xposed Installer as usual, then connect to the Internet and install Termux

2. Run FX File Explorer and open the downloaded Xposed Framework v89 sdk25 file, copy and then paste the Xposed folder System (ROOT) – system and don’t forget to allow root access in the file manager

3. In the newly inserted Xposed folder, please enter META-INF / com / google / android and then change the permissions by pressing and holding the file then clicking the dot menu in the right corner and selecting Security and then change to 0755

4. Next, open Termux and please allow root access, then follow the command below:
see below – Enter
cd / system / xposed – Enter
META-INF / com / google / android / – Enter

5. Finally, restart Phoenix OS and allow root access to the Xposed app

So many articles, tutorial How to Install Xposed Framework Phoenix OS Android x86 64bit, good luck and hopefully useful. Don’t forget to share this article and if you have any problems please comment below.

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