How to install WordPress with Laragon

There are so many components that we can explore in the Laragon application. Not like the app local server In general, Laragon offers a large number of additional functions that securely support the work of web developers. One of them is Package installer. Laragon allows its users to install various types of frame as well as CMS (Content management system) that we want to use by simply pressing an option or two. In this article we are going to install a WordPress CMS with Laragon.

Remarks : Any installation frame or CMS, using the latest version. If we want to use the old version, just load it over. down website the developers frame or CMS, then configure and paste the file / laragon / www / .


1. Run first server Laragon by pressing the button Start everything which is at the end of the application. Also make sure that Harbor used does not collide with any application (available in your operating system).

2. Right click on mouse to view various application usage options. Then select the option Fast app WordPress.

3. Enter the name that you want to. will Domain link host, Database and your directory. Then click OK.

4. Make sure your internet is stable while you wait for the package to download. After the package has been downloaded and extracted, click the button Visitor page to access your WordPress. You can also access it by typing shortcut which was provided in Browser She.

5. If successful, you will later be greeted with a language configuration in WordPress. CMS WordPress is ready to use.

This is a tutorial on installing WordPress with Laragon. Hope it’s useful.

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