How to install the LINE ID link on Instagram

LINE and Instagram are currently social media that are widely used, especially by young people. LINE has functions Chat complete with voice calls and Video call very easy to use.

In addition, LINE also has advantages over applications Chat Miscellaneous. Among them are LINE Today as an interesting information service provider that always Update every day.

You can also use the functions online note if private chat Yet Chat in the pit. This makes it easier, especially with maggots, if any Chat which is important so that it can be specifically seen in Note and not stacked with Chat Miscellaneous.

Then Instagram became a photo and video sharing application that already has millions of users. Instagram continue to innovate to attract more users.

That’s why a lot of people write LINE ID on bio di Instagram to keep in touch via LINE. But all of this is just writing, isn’t it? shortcut active that goes directly to LINE.

If you want to use shortcut active that goes directly to LINE so that the LINE ID URL link can be clicked on the Instagram profile, so you connect a LINE account with Instagram.

A. First, create a LINE ID with a QR code

1. Open your LINE app.

2. Then go to profile and choose QR code.

3. After that Tap three dots in the upper right corner, then Tap Share.

4. Then choose Remarks, it could be others, because its function is only toCopy QR code from your LINE.

5. If the code shows like this, then Copy the code.

B. Install the LINE ID link to Instagram so it can be clicked

6. Sign in to Instagram She, Tap Edit profile. then Paste the QR code what was copied earlier.

7. Before you to save, add / (1 slash) before “ti”. If it is not given, it will fail to save. If it is already Tap Tick.

8. Your LINE is already connected to Instagram.

9. If someone else clicks the LINE ID link, they will be directed to your LINE account.

How to connect your LINE account to Instagram. Hope it’s useful.

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