How to install the clock widget on Blogger

Blogger is a service website which contains each user’s blog posts. This blogger can be used free of charge in compliance with existing regulations. This blog usually contains life experiences, business matters, short stories, written papers, and so on.

Blogger has several Widget which have their respective functions, such as Widget Time, Widget Weather, Widget banner, etc. This time the author is over Widget Time. Widgets this is very useful for Visitor who visit your blog. For example, you are writing about an application tutorial E-commerce based on Android, the content must be long in order for it to be Visitor Reading 1 tutorial can take a long time, that’s why there is Widget si. Time Visitor can know the exact time.

The author will provide a tutorial on how to install it Widget analog or digital clock on blogger. So you can add Widget analog or digital clock in your blog.


1. Open Web browser on your computer or laptop.

2. Visit the website. There are many choices for analog or digital watch models.

3. Select one of the watch models on the previous page by clicking on Get Free Watch.

4. Click on Accept.

5. Arrange Widget Hours according to your wishes or needs. Then please copy the script code contained in the lower column.

6. Visit the blogger site. You’re welcome Sign up First wait for it to appear dashboard from blogger.

7. Click on Layouts.

8. Click the section layout do you want.

9. Select HTML / Javascript.

10. Please Insert the script code copied from the previous Clocklink site. click Save on computer.

11. Click on Save arrangement. Then click View blog.

12. Here are the results.


This is the installation guide Widget Hours on blogger. Much luck.

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