How to Install Sony Music Application on All Types of Android

Who doesn’t know Sony? Cell phone manufacturers with products that are arguably the best in their class call it the Sony Music Walkman. One of the advantages of this legendary music player is that it combines visualization and listening.

Walkman has youServer interface This is very well combined with advanced features that can spoil your ears while listening to music. This Walkman is only available in Smartphone Sony Xperia or something similar. But don’t worry because now users Smartphone Android devices other than Xperia can sense this Walkman application. How to install it:

Requirements: Android that has not been rooted or that has been rooted.

For those who are not rooted or already rooted:

1. Download Walkman Sony Music app or check out the different versions on Xda Developer

2. Install and run the Walkman Sony Music application. Complete.

For those who are already rooted:

This root method is an alternative for those who do not install the Sony Music Walkman APK file directly. Before following this tutorial, it is a good idea to backup your Android.

1. Download Sony Music Walkman files (zip files) and not extract.

2. Next, install the Walkman Sony Music file on the Recovery mode TWRP / CWM.

3rd Start anew Your Android, please check the menu homeland The application has a Sony Music Walkman. Complete.

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