How to install LINE Messenger in Google Chrome

The rapid development of the current LINE messenger application with more than 250 million users worldwide, LINE is continuously developing its application to be compatible with all operating systems, even LINE can be installed on the Google Chrome browser which is a browser. Add-ons / extensions.

LINE can be installed on devices with Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems Smartphone LINE can now also be installed on desktop / laptop computers with Windows and Mac operating systems.

With the presence of LINE in the Google Chrome browser, you can open 3 accounts at the same time on 1 desktop computer if you are using the Windows operating system, some of which you can find in the Windows Store, install software on the official LINE website and the Chrome extension in the Chrome Web Store. How to install LINE in the Google Chrome browser:

1. Open the Chrome Web Store site and search for “LINE” (only 5MB in size).

2. Then select the buttonAdd to Chrome “, A warning appears, and select Add to”.

3. Then wait for the process download and installation until done.

4. When the process download and installation done, the button that says “Add to Chrome” will be “Start the app

5. Run the application, select the button “Start the app

6. Next please lSign up with an account you previously created or can create a new account.

You can also log in via QR code like WhatsApp Web login.

method Sign up Go to the Add Friend menu with a QR code scan, click the button / QR code menu and scan QR code on your Google Chrome screen.

7. If so, LINE Messenger in the Chrome browser is automatically synchronized with the LINE and LINE servers installed on the Chrome browser Smartphone She.


Additional information: In order to call up or open the LINE application in the Google Chrome browser, you can call it up via the menu Extensions chrome: // extensions / or via url chrome: // apps / on the browser.

The functionality of the Google Chrome version of LINE Messenger is not as complete as the applications on smartphones and software on desktop computers. Because it was designed only for the purpose Chat only.

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