How to install Google Chrome on BlankOn

Web browser one of the most important aspects in a computer operating system. Especially for those of us who are too addicted to Google. In fact, BlankOn Uluwatu has Mozilla Firefox as a software so that we can surf in cyberspace. But for one reason or another, we sometimes need an alternative Web browser others like Google Chrome.

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How to install Google Chrome on BlankOn.


1. As Google Chrome is not available on Repository BlankOn, so we need to install itdownload Files Plumber Chrome browser on its official website.

Download Google Chrome browser.

If you’re more used to using Terminal, you can go right away copy paste the following command:

wget -c

2. As soon as we have the file Plumbernya, we’re going to open the terminal right at the file location Plumber Google Chrome is located then we right click and choose Open Terminal here. Then to install it we enter the following command:

sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

Usually it will Error when installing Google Chrome on BlankOn, as several additional packages are required for Google Chrome to run smoothly on BlankOn, see Screenshots below for more details.

3. To solve this problem, let’s enter the following command:

sudo apt install -f

Here is the picture:

4. After completing the configuration process, Google Chrome cannot be used immediately in the case of the author. The solution is tostart anew our computer, please enter the following command:

sudo reboot

To make it easier to open Google Chrome in the future, let’s do it connections in the Dockable by right-clicking and then selecting Add to desktop, see the following picture for more details:

Now we can use Google Chrome on BlankOn Uluwatu, hopefully it will be useful.

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