How to install games similar to Animal Crossing on iPhone and Android

In the current quarantine period, many people have a lot of free time and are bored at home. Many people fill their free time with games Games, one of Games Animal Crossing is very well known. Games Animal Crossing is a Nintendo edition created by Katsuya Eguchi and Hisami Nogami. Games This is a social simulation game. There is a choice of female or male characters in the game, these characters will later become residents of the village, encountering many anthropomorphic animals.

Activities in Games Animal Crossing does activities like farming, fishing, catching insects, hunting fossils, building and decorating houses, and meeting up with animal characters in the area. Games that. There are many missions in Animal Crossing that need to be completed. Completing missions speeds up leveling.

How it is Games Animal Crossing many world communities and major parties who gave positive comments and support. As the World Health Organization (WHO) (2021) is the existence of Games Animal Crossing can be people’s entertainment to fill in boredom and boredom in the house. Games This is also great for kids to get out of boredom after doing online school assignments.

Games Animal Crossing can be played on Nintendo Switch, but iPhone users can play it too Games by installing it from the App Store. In Indonesia, the Animal Crossing game is not available on the App Store, so you will need to change the iPhone region first. Here are the steps to install Games Animal Crossing on iPhone and Android:


1. The first step is to open the App Store on the iPhone.

2. Then open it account in your app store and select the option Country / Region substitute region on iPhones.

3. There is an ad Terms and Conditions and click agree.

4. When the process is complete approval the filling page is displayed Country / Regionto select the payment method None. Then fill Accounting name and Billing address already provided. While loading Country / Region here I fill United States with City of Washington. Then click next to continue the process.

5. Exchange process Country / Region in the App Store is complete, the next step is the search Games Animal Crossing and Download games it with the click of a button downloads.

Download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on the App Store (iOS)

Download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on the Play Store (Android)

6. Wait a few minutes and Games is displayed on the iPhone’s home screen. The Animal Crossing installation process is complete, the Animal Crossing version on iPhone is Pocket Camp.

7th Games Animal Crossing is now playable and there is character creation to play, good luck.

This is the tutorial on installing games similar to Animal Crossing on iPhone and Android.

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