How to install Django Framework on Windows, Linux and MacOS

Django is one frame which is often used in the production of a. is used website. In contrast to Laravel, Codeigniter, Spring, Nor frame other, Django is one frame based on Python, which emphasizes perfection, convenience and speed of computing website which is certainly very helpful for users.

How to install Django Framework on Windows, Linux, and macOS

1. First, make sure that Python is installed on your operating system. To be on the safe side, enter the command prompt or the terminal of the operating system (under Windows, please press the key WIN + R then type cmd.

For Linux & MacOS you can find the application by entering terminal in the search field or by right-clicking on the button mouse, Choose an option Run Terminal then type Pythons.

When it’s installed, it shows information as well Compiler from Python.

Download Python

To install Django directly Originally (latest version) then enter the following command at the command prompt or terminal:

pip install Django

If we want to use a specific version of Django, enter the following command:

pip install Django==2.0.7

And if we want to use the version of Django, which is still in development, enter the following command:

pip install --pre Django

2. Wait a few moments until the installation process is successful. In this case, a message appears that the installation process is complete and a notification that Django has been installed.

3. In order to determine whether Django is actually installed in our operating system, the next step is to open the Python application in the command line or in the terminal. Then enter the following command:

import djangoprint(django.get_version())

4. Django will later provide us with information in the form of the version of Django we are using. Of course, this review is enough to let you know that Django can be used in our operating system.

That is the discussion in this article. Hopefully the information provided can be useful to readers. It is hoped that this information can be widely disseminated to inform other readers who may be interested in this information.

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