How to install BlankOn on a laptop or PC

BlankOn Linux is a Debian-based Linux operating system developed by the BlankOn Indonesia development team with the support of the Indonesian Linux Drive Foundation.

Linux BlankOn is openly developed (oPen source) and together to produce a typical Indonesian Linux distribution specifically for the education, office and government worlds.

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In this tutorial we will practice installing BlankOn on a computer using the method Single boat (a single operating system in a computer).

In order to be able to follow this tutorial, you must already meet the following requirements;

  • BlankOn Plumber both DVD and USB installer. (If you download the ISO file you will need combustion on DVD)
  • Computer.
  • Fuse all data in the computer to a different location (USB, external hard drive).

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Please note, BlankOn. Installation method Single boat into the computer results in all of the data in hard disk we are deleted. The author is not responsible for any data loss or other damage caused by practicing this tutorial.

When you are ready with all the consequences that may arise, you can proceed to the BlankOn installation phase. Here are the steps;

Boots To external media

The first step we need to do is set the BIOS to Boots on external media, on some personal computer (PC) normally by pressing the button Clear. to Notebook or laptop, please adapt to the manual documentation usually supplied.

BlankOn installation process on your computer

1. First time Sign up, we will see a message like the following:

2. There are two language options that we can use, namely English and Indonesian. In this article the author uses English, then we click Install BlankOn to continue the installation process.

3. In this section we specify the location, click on Next keep going.

4. Next we choose hard disk that’s on our computer, then click Clean installation.

4. A notification appears stating that this installation process will delete all data on the hard disk weather. click Next keep going.

5. We enter all required information such as computer name, name user, password etc. When everything is filled in, click Next keep going.

6. On this page there is a summary of the BlankOn installation, if everything is ok and nothing more can be changed, we click on To install keep going.

7th process Copy Data from Plumber to hard disk-Will also run, the length of the installation depends on the specifications of the computer we have.

8. The BlankOn installation process on the computer is complete, we click on Restart.

9. If the display appears as above, do not panic. Just press Enter or just leave it as it is. Don’t forget to separate the media Plumber (USB or DVD).

Appearance Sign up BlankOn Uluwatu

10. We are already in the yard Sign up by BlankOn Uluwatu, then we just have to fill it User password that we entered during installation.

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Congratulations, you can now use BlankOn as your computer’s operating system. Hope it’s useful.

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