How to install and run Python commands on Termux Android

You like to play Oprek or just want to learn programming languages ​​through Smartphone Android? Now you are in the correct tutorial with a tutorial on installing and running commands python in termux.

For everyone who doesn’t know termux, This application works as a terminal emulator on Android. Android operating system based on the Linux kernel make it able to run any command like on linux, system-related Originally Android doesn’t have a terminal so we need a third party application.

On app termux You can install different programming languages, one of them is python. This gives you more flexibility when writing commands python just wear through Smartphone She. Immediately follow the steps to install and run the command python in termux.


1. Please you download first application termux in the Google Play Store or via the link below. then To install and run the application.

Download termux

2. After opening the application, enter the command ” apt-get-update && apt-get-upgrade This command is useful to update application packages so that you can use the package later To install in termux is the latest version.

3. After the Updates & Upgrades, it’s time for us to run the install command Pythons. Please type in ” Install apt-get python “. The first time you install something in termux, you will be asked for the authorization process, enter” Yes ” keep going.

4th process To install This may take a few minutes, depending on your internet connection. After completing the process of running python Enter command ” python “.

5. Immediately a command line appears to write programming code python.

6. Please write the command code up to this point python as you like, here I give an example of a simple line of code in the form of basic math calculations.

This is the tutorial to install and run python At termux. Hope it’s useful.

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