How to install and play Pokemon GO

After months of waiting publication The never-arrived Pokemon GO game can now finally be played with English and Indonesian cards, although it is not yet officially available on Google Play or the App Store, previously it was installed. Games Pokemon GO is widely used but still uses Japanese.

Well, for this time, what the author is going to share is already support in English and in Indonesia we can play it too since this game uses GPS and Cards.

You can get the installation from Inwepo (Link download located under the article) is currently available for Android and iOS users, but currently the Pokemon Go installation is only available for the US, Australia, Japan and New Zealand if you download it directly from Google Play Android or the iOS want Appstore.

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Currently, the game Pokemon Go is available on the Play Store and can be downloaded for several countries including Indonesia.

How to install Android apps (APKs) from outside the Play Store

1. Sign in to Settings, security and tick Unknown sources.

2. To install Pokémon GO.

How to Play Pokemon GO on Android

3. Activate GPS, go to settings, Select Location, Touch the key AT and go to the menu mode then choose High accuracy Use GPS, WI-FI and mobile networks to determine the location.

4. Open or start Pokemon GO.

5. For the first time we will need to enter your date of birth (requirements to play Pokemon Go must be at least 18 years old).

6. Then Register Account (recommended with a Google account).

7. When you have registered, we will choose gender for our character in Pokemon GO.

8. If a message appears while playing “GPS signal not found” indicates that the GPS is not ready and is searching for a moment, wait for the writing to disappear and if in the status bar it is written Location set via GPS then you can only play it, this depends on the signal conditions and the internet connection, which must be affordable on the internet Smartphone She.

Instructions on how to play Pokemon GO

At the beginning of the game we will usually have 3 Pokémon in front of us, namely Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle, we will choose to catch one.

How to install and play Pokemon GO

9. Here you can change the camera view or Games When you catch a Pokémon in the top right corner of the AR menu, hold the Pokeball and slide it to catch it Foils to the Pokémon we want to catch. There is a 100 percent chance of getting caught the first time you play, as long as the direction is right, gotcha!

After successfully catching 1 Pokémon, you will need to enter a name for our character, use a unique name and it has never been used by anyone as this character’s name cannot be the same as other people who registered first ‘none Use common names.

Receive Products like pokeball and eggs that you can get Pokestop tower, bring your position closer to the Pokestop, then touch the Pokestop and rotate it while touching it.

Objects incense sticks used to make it easier to get the Pokémon closest to our location.

If you play up to Lv.5, you can enter the GYM to battle other Pokemon Trainers and fight for territory. If this is your first time in the GYM tower, you will be asked to choose a team, namely the Instinct, Mystic or Valor team. If you manage to master the GYM you will get free coins every hour, these coins can be exchanged for other items such as poke balls, eggs, potions, incense and other items.

You have to collect the path for Pokémon to evolve or change Candy. Candy received from transfer the same pokemon. So if you have the same Pokémon, please transfer it in the Pokémon menu, slide down, there is a button transfer. Transfer Pokémon that has the lowest CP because CP is energy Pokémon.

Candy can be used to increase power or evolve Pokémon. Select the Evolve button to change or evolve Pokemon.

The essence of Games Pokemon Go is about collecting as many Pokemon as you can and becoming the strongest Pokemon master in each region. It is currently not possible to exchange Pokémon with other Pokémon Masters / Trainers. Fighting with friends is only possible in the GYM.

Additional information: If a crash occurs while capturing Pokémon with the AR mode camera, please use the help of the cameraless app. Launch the cameraless app, then launch Pokemon Go.

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