How to Increase PUBG Mobile Merit along with the explanation

How to Increase PUBG Mobile Merits – PUBGM is now transformed into an android game that is most liked by young people today. However, do you know about the merits in pubg mobile?? if not.

So at this meeting, the admin wants to share an explanation about the meaning of PUBG Mobile merit, the merit system and also how to quickly add pubg meript. Well, for more information, just see below.

What is PUBG Mobile Merit

what is merit in pubg mobile

Merit is a point system whose function is to become a benchmark in pubg mobile games for accounts that have problems. If you don’t understand, maybe you’ve heard of a credit score in the mobile legends game, actually merit is the same as a credit score.

If the merit on your pubg account decreases, then the account will most likely get banned by Tencent Games and also can’t stay with friends in classic mode. In addition, you should also know the pubg merit rules as follows:

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Merit Rules In PUBG Mobile

As mimin said earlier, the merits in the pubg mobile game certainly have their own rules. Therefore, you must understand the rules so that your pubg mobile account does not decrease its merit.

    • Play together (mabar) with friends who cheat or cheat: When you join and learn together with cheaters, you will not be violated on the first day. However, if you repeat this for 7 consecutive days, your merit will automatically decrease by 15.
    • Killing a teammate (detected by the system): If you kill a teammate and are detected by the system, you will lose 10 merits, if you do it again in 7 days then you will lose 30 merits.
    • Cheaters (Detected By System): For those who cheat on the Pubg mobile account, they will immediately be banned and eliminate 60 merits

How to Check PUBG Mobile Merit

To see merit in the pubg mobile game is very easy, you just have to follow the steps as follows:

  • The first step you open the PUBG Mobile game on your own smartphone
  • After that, you enter the pubg account profile

how to check pubg merit

  • Then select the tier scheme and there you will see the amount of merit in the pubg account

see pubg mobile merit

Causes of Decreased or Minus PUBG Mobile merits

There are several causes of merit minus, one of which is playing with cheaters, for more details, just see below:

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1. Playing Cheaters

Maybe this is something that we often take for granted, that when we are playing classic randomly, we don’t know that the mabar friend is using cheats or not. If it is detected by the system then you will lose 15 merit.

2. Cheating (Cheat)

Now for the second one, which is cheating while playing the PUBG Mobile game, if you do this, the pubg account will be banned directly by the tencent games.

3. Killing Teammates

Although this is a trivial thing, but you must be aware that when playing pubg and killing a teammate (detected by the system) you will lose 30 merit.

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How to Increase PUBG Mobile Merits Quickly

To be able to add merit in pubg mobile is quite easy, namely we only play in classic mode and must be able to occupy several positions so that you get a lot of merit. Here’s the detailed info:

    • Playing and ranking in the top 10 will get 3+ merit
    • Playing and ranking 11 to 50 will get 2+ merit
    • Playing and being ranked 51 to 100 will get 1+ merit

If you think logically, whether or not to collect merit depends on us. Therefore, in order to add merit quickly, you have to play pubg and get the top 10 continuously.

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Well, that’s the latest information that Mimin shares with all of you regarding How to Increase PUBG Mobile Merit along with the explanation, don’t forget to share so that everyone knows about how to quickly add PUBG merit.

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