How to Increase Google Drive Capacity on Android

In times of rapid technological advances, the name Google is certainly not alien. The largest Android application developer as well as the most advanced technology company of this century. Although Google has a formidable rival like Apple with the Mac, its iOS is. Google has its own way of highlighting differences. One of them is in the backup storage application section. Google Drive. Yes indeed! Though different phones, brands and types Smartphones, Google products can sync and back up their users’ important files from one phone to another.

This application will also greatly assist users in providing essential file storage services. Amid the proliferation of a cell phone camera equipped with high camera pixels, the storage capacity is increasing. Likewise with the possibilities of a cell phone product. Quite a few do not use a special card slot for external storage either. But calm down, Google Drive has a storage capacity of 15 gigabytes. Even if it’s big enough, sometimes it’s not enough. And to add it, follow these steps:

1. Download use Google One

2. AfterTo install open minded. entry Google email available, or an email that increases capacity Google Drivehis.

3rd Tap the start menu, then tap Become a member option.

4. After entering the members area you will see some prizes along with the capacity you will get. Tap one of the prices according to your budget. Choose a payment method that you will be using. Some of the methods you can use include: Gopay (if already linked), code Redeem, or buy credit Google play.

5. And finally press the subscribe button. Wait a few moments for the process to complete.

Complete. This is the tutorial. Hope it’s useful.

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