How to improve performance and free up disk space on Android

The use of mobile phones today is not limited to sending messages or phone calls, but also as a replacement for PC, camera, etc. Playground equipment, Music player and Storage devices.

This is due to the growing amount of space available in a computer Smartphone whereby several functions can be carried out at the same time.

But also because of that Smartphone You will feel slow as you complete the process and it will reduce disk space.

But don’t worry, we’re outlining a few simple steps you can take to restore performance and disk space Smartphone She.

data backup

Before you do the cleaning, it’s good Fuse Your data first. This ensures that the data you consider important is not lost when you delete it.

The trick is, go to Settings, choose Backup & Reset and check the two boxes in the menu.

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Move photos and videos

Video is the largest space consuming in storageespecially if you like to create multiple video clips. Especially when you sync with cloud like iCloud, Dropbox, Google Photos, OneDrive or Online storage services Otherwise it is possible that you still have the original data on the Storage devices.

To delete them all you have to do is go to the gallery and delete them one by one and then select the icon Clear that exists.


Delete old apps

Lots of enticing apps to download today Marketplace apps which makes you want to download lots of other apps until you find yourself running out of space.

Not to mention, there are applications that are infrequent or even unused due to new, more reliable applications on the Internet Smartphone She. You may be thinking about using it next time, but keep in mind that you can download it at a later time if you really need it.

Don’t worry about paying again for apps you have to buy. Your purchases will still be recorded in your account so you can download them next time without paying again.

To remove all of these applications, all you have to do is open Settings, select Application Manager, and then Tap the desired application uninstall, and then select Uninstall.

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clear cache

When you visit a website Cacheit is saved in storage which makes the website load faster. Regular cleaning will save you space and improve performance Smartphone.

You can clear it by going to Settings, selecting Application Manager, choosing an application and tapping on the Clear Cache option.

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Check location settings

The use of cell phones can degrade battery life. Site settings can be resource intensive, so maintenance must be performed as often as possible. You can do this by going to Settings and choosing Location.

There you can switch all location functions for applications on your smartphone on or off, even if this is not ideal. The good news, however, is that you can save more power and storage space.

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Clean up download folder

If you are looking for some storage space, it never hurts to check the Downloads folder. There is all the data that you have ever downloaded.

Some things can be important, the rest? It could only be Files that you accidentally downloaded or no longer need. You can delete Files This is not needed by going to the file manager, selecting the Downloads folder, then selecting the file you want to delete and then selecting the trash can icon.

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Try a new launcher

If you are bored with the standard view Smartphone You can change it by using Launcher–One of the unique features of Android to change the whole visual theme to your liking.

The trick, you can then search for some type of launcher in the Google Store To install, and tada! Your smartphone display is now more catchy~

Reset data

Of all the methods we have described, this is the newest and most radical method to try. This allows all stored data and applications to be erased and returned to the state in which they were first taken out of the box.

Of course you doFuse All the data is there, right? The trick is to go to Settings, select Backup and Reset, and then select Factory Data Reset. After completing the reset process

you can reinstall all applications, make account settings and start it like the first time it was used.

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