How to Improve Game Performance on Samsung Mobile

Currently, mobile phones are widely used as a medium of entertainment, starting with watching videos, reading the news or, preferably, playing games Games. In the face of increasingly fierce competition, manufacturers have Games further improve their products, including through manufacturing Games with better and better graphics to attract cellphone users. But that does Games This requires hardware that can support Games to function properly.

This then makes some cell phone users inoperable Games the new ones run without problems because the cell phones used are old or have “mediocre” hardware capabilities.

For Samsung branded cell phone users, there is an application called Game tuner which is officially published by Samsung and can only be operated by Samsung branded cell phones. There are cell phones that already have this application when they are purchased, but there are also those that do not have this application directly and must first be downloaded from the Play Store. The problem is that this application is a different application called. requires Game optimization service, and this app is not available on the Play Store.

How To Improve Game Performance On Samsung Phones

For users Smartphone Samsung already available apps Game tuner.

1. Open the app Game tuner.

2. Choose a logo corridor At Games do you want.

3. Then continue Resolution ratio, You can decrease the resolution of Games that you play to make it run smoother, the lower the percentage of resolution, the smoother. However, this will reduce the image quality of the Games (Recommended not below 50%).

4. Then choose Save on computerand you can open it directly Games which was reduced in resolution.

For users Smartphone Samsung that doesn’t have the app yet Game tuner, this application can be downloaded directly from the Play Store.

If you can’t find Game Tuner on the Play Store, you can Gadgets you haven’t Game optimization service. You can download both applications from Samsung’s official website:

Download Game tuner

Download Game optimization service

You can choose the suitable version for Smartphone Your Samsung device.


  • To install Game optimization service first before installing Game Tuner. (If Game optimization service No. terTo install or installed it will be like that).

  • Pay attention to the description of the version you have chosen, if it is like the one below, your mobile phone must have at least one operating system Marshmallows.

(Can be used for system Marshmallows, nougat and Oreos)

(Can be used for system Marshmallows, and nougat).

  • On the first pass it will likely look like this.

  • Close and reopen the application, then select “Apply now‚ÄúThen the application is ready for use.

  • If it looks like below, you can update the app (optional).

  • Then it looks like below Updated or updated.

If you don’t get it or not To install or install the APK, here’s how:

1. Open the downloaded APK.

2. Choose settings or settings.

3. Choose Unknown source Or unknown source.

4. Choose OK.

5. Choose To install Or install.

This is a guide on how to use the Game Tuner app / feature on Android Gadgets Your Samsung, downgrading the resolution doesn’t guarantee everything Games What you play will be smooth, it all comes back to each individual’s needs Games and quality Gadgets She. The function of Game Tuner is only to “lighten” Games, it doesn’t guarantee everything Games can run on all Gadgets smooth.

This is a tutorial on how to improve game performance on a Samsung phone. Much luck.

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