How to Identify Insects Using an Android Phone

Technological development is increasingly unstoppable. New technologies keep coming and popping up. One of them is that we can only identify insects through the camera Smartphone. Well, interesting, isn’t it? How one? Here is the full review.

When we travel to the mountains or forests, we often find insects or plants with unique species that we did not know about before. This often makes us curious and wants to find out more about these unknown species. Perhaps there are still many in our hearts who wonder how.

To answer complaints about it, we can now use or utilize existing technology Smartphone knowing what species of insects we encounter in the wild. no need Smartphone with high quality, Smartphone with quality low end can do it too. You have to ask yourself how? below is the full tutorial.

Video tutorials:


1. You have to download and To install First the insect identification application on the Play Store.

2. Open the installed identification applicationTo install in Smartphone each and Tap Skip and then grant access to the app with Tap enable.

3rd Tap Scanning and insect Photograph insects directly from the camera Smartphone or select menu select from the gallery to select insect photo from the gallery Smartphone. On to the stage harvest Photo of your insect and if you have one Tap menu Continue.

4. Wait a few moments later for the scan to take place. Tap in one of the images that seem to see the description, and also other images of similar insects that we scanned earlier.

This is a tutorial on how to identify insects using an Android phone. Much luck.

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