How to hunt rare Pokémon with PokeSniper on Android (Update v1.4.1)

The Inwepo tutorial discussed how to get rare Pokémon with PokeSniper on a PC computer and some even use it Auto sniper Pokemon, now I want to share a PokeSniper application that can run on Android devices. Perhaps this application can be useful when you are not doing anything. Auto sniper on the computer you can continue hunt Rare Pokémon straight from your Android device.

Oh yes, this PokeSniper application doesn’t require root access either. It’s very easy to use even after the tutorial:

1. Download and To install PokeSniper Apk application.

2. Run the PokeSniper application.

3. Choose the settings (Gear icon) then enter Username, password and Home coordinates. If you are a user of a Google account, activate the Google button Sign up.

4. Next, open the following site to view Pokemon information and the location of Pokemon coordinates.

5. Select Pokémon and Copy Pokémon location coordinates, make sure you take the newest / best Pokémon.

How to Hunt Rare Pokémon Using PokeSniper on Android 2

6th paste Coordinates to the column “Coordinates” PokeSniper app and choose a name “Pokémon Names”.

7. In the last step, touch the button “CUT THESE B17CHES!”

How to Hunt Rare Pokémon Using PokeSniper on Android 1

If the interception is successful, the status is written “Venusaur caught (CP: 174)” unless “The Venusaurus is gone!”

Important information: Make sure the content Home coordinates you are in the position you last played and you have not been hit soft banned. When the Pokémon status is always when catching “Pokemon is gone” means a sign that you have been hit soft banned, You must unbanned with the Quickspin application.

Download PokeSniper v1.2 Apk

Download PokeSniper v1.3 Apk

Download PokeSniper v1.4 Apk

Download PokeSniper v1.4.1 Apk

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