How to hide WhatsApp status history from specific contacts

WhasApp is indeed a messaging application that has millions of users. In addition to its simple and easy features, WhasApp is considered more privacy friendly than applications delivery boy Miscellaneous. Because if you want to send a message, you need to know the intended phone number.

While it seems simple, WhatsApp doesn’t want to be left behind by other applications. Many features have been updated, such as the story sharing feature that has now been added, like the greeting cards that Facebook used to use.

Creating stories or status has become a daily thing. Many people feel that they cannot go without a momentUpload on social media.

But there are also people who for several reasons do not want to show their status or their history. If you are one of them, you can hide the status / story on WhatsApp from certain contacts.

1. Open WhatsApp She.

2. Choose status and select menu three dots in the upper right corner then choose Status data protection.

3. A screen like the one below will appear. If the point is at. is My contact means that all of your contacts can see the status you created.

4. Who can see status changes? If you want to hide a status or story from someone, just choose Contacts you want to exclude then choose Check in the lower right corner.

5. If you just want to choose who the status is shared with, select Just share with .. Then select the contact you want to share when you have then selected Check in the lower right corner.

Advantages of hiding stories on WhatsApp:

1. Not being caught by certain people can be friends, lovers or parents

2. Can be used as a coding tool for someone

So, how to hide WhatsApp status from certain contacts, hopefully it will be useful.

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