How to Hide WhatsApp Chats / Conversations on iPhone

WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging application that allows us to exchange messages without SMS fees because WHatsApp delivery boy use the same internet data plan for email, rummage Internet and others.

WhatsApp app delivery boy Use a 3G, 4G, or WiFi internet connection for data communication. We can talk with WhatsApp on-line, Share Files, Share photos and more.

The WhatsApp application has various excellent features to make it easier for users to communicate. How to send Files, Send documents, share music, share pictures and Videos, to do Video calls and so forth.

But of the many features present in the WhatsApp application, there is still no function to hide messages Chat or chat

Some of you must have or keep Chat a private one that doesn’t even allow friends or family to read Story chat the.

Actually, this time the tips are very simple because of you does not have toJailbreak iPhone. In fact, this feature is already included in the standard WhatsApp application, but some people don’t realize

How to remove / hide Story chat them for a while.

Video tutorials:


1. Download the WhatsApp app in the app store.

2. Open the WhatsApp application Select Chat that you want to hide.

3. Swipe left Chat who wants to hide – tap Files (Chat disappears automatically).

4. To open or restore Chat the hidden one Swipe down, a menu will appear Chat archive (that is the position Chat what was hidden).

5. Tap Chat archive in the menu Chat archive There is Chat previously hidden.

How to Recover Deleted / Hidden Chats:

6th Tap and swipe left Chat the Tap Open archive (thereafter, Chat will automatically return to menu Chat).

This is how you hide ChatChat with the WhatsApp iPhone app, hope it’s useful.

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