How to hide the online status on Steam

As one of the Game market & Platform games Steam is the most widely used and always offers the best to its users, both in the game developer space (or in general as). Game developer), Game marketing (or commonly referred to as.) editor) as well as other active users who use their platform as an entertainment medium.

There are various supporting features on Steam that make it increasingly easier for users to carry out their activities, both in games (commonly referred to as). In the game), as in market / Base platform She. With a focus on the general user sector, on one of the functions provided by Steam, users can change the presence status (whether active or not; on Steam it is referred to as.) Appearance of the account) Account, both for personal use and for public purposes.

In this article we will try that Appearance of the account At platform (/ Application) Steam.


1. In the app Desktop Steam, click button Friends & Chat which is located at the bottom right of the app channel. It will appear later window which contains a list of friends and account settings that have been applied to the associated application.

2. On the Friends & Chat page, next to your account name, click logo Drop-down list (represented by the symbol V). Later we get options regarding Appearance of the account (/ Presence status) our account as required.

3. One Drop-down list provided you can adjust your presence status according to your needs. The default is the presence status On-line. A status On-line, other users can interact with you (either through media Chat or Steam in-game). As for the other options available such as one way, Invisible, as well as Offline. Set status to Invisible Hide status On-line.

4. After you have set your presence status, the changes are applied immediately according to the options set. Your current presence status is shown at the bottom of your account name.

This is the tutorial on how to hide the status on-line on Steam. Hope it’s useful.

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