How to hide the number of YouTube subscribers

YouTube is now the largest video sharing site in the world. Users can upload and watch videos on YouTube for free. There are functions in the YouTube service Subscribe to what does customer or follower mean.

function Subscribe to on YouTube was created with the aim of attracting users who have subscribed to, channel Specific YouTube (click the button Subscribe to) can still see the latest videos from the creator of the video on our YouTube homepage without opening back and forth channel YouTuber.

Be Subscribe to what is a lot is a way to measure the success of Youtubers and of course whether the number Subscribe to many sign the video Youtuber it’s quality.

For beginners who are new to playing Youtube, the number, of course Subscribe to a little bit can make us less confident, even if the crowd is Subscribe to YouTube can have a small impact user those watching are not interested in attending theSubscribe to our YouTube.

Try to compare if it’s us user See 2 YouTuber accounts that have the same subject, but 1 YouTuber has a number of Attendees less, that makes us psychologically more inclined to participateSubscribers YouTubers who have the number Subscribers more.

for this we can hide the amount Subscribers YouTube account or something that makes us hide the amount Subscribers our YouTube account, this is how it works:

1. Go to the website and Sign up with your YouTube account.

2. Enter the menu CreatorStudio.

2. Next go to CHANNEL – Extended.

3. Next scroll below, see menu Subscriber counts, then choose “Don’t show the number of subscribers to my channel.”

4th Save on computer. Please access your YouTube account without Sign up Account, then the amount Subscribe to will no longer be seen.

Complete. Much luck.

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