How To Hide The Number Of Dislikes Of Youtube Videos On Android

Everyone likes praise and hates criticism, let alone blasphemy. Likewise, when we play Youtube, when the praise is directed at us, a feeling of joy, pride and happiness will surely arise.

There are two types of praise given to someone who pioneers and has a career on Youtube, praise through comments and praise through buttons. to like. By simply pressing the thumbs-up icon, a content creator already knows whether the content they create is being praised, entertaining or useful.

Essentially the presence of the button to like It is very helpful to appreciate the works of content creators. However, it is not easy to prepare a work, especially a work in the form of a video, and upload it every day or at least once a week. The requirement for a regular schedule Upload Video, sometimes the quality of the created content even deteriorates. As a result, the uploaded video will be flooded dislike.

Have you experienced it before? If you’ve seen a flood video before dislike as to like, Then the solution you can take is to hide the amount dislike-his. Interested in hiding the amount dislike? If you are interested, please follow the tutorial below.


1. Please download and install the Youtube Studio application Smartphone She.

2. Once the app is installed, please log in and tap the three horizontal lines in the top left corner – Video.

3. Tap your video, then select the pencil icon.

4. Select advanced settings and please deactivate that users can see the rating for this video – save.

5. Here are the before and after results.

6. Done.

By using the Youtube Studio application, those of you who are currently content creators don’t have to open a PC or laptop if you want to hide the amount. dislike on videos. And all you need to know is when to hide dislike, automatically to like is also hidden.

This is the guide to hide the amount dislike Youtube videos on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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