How to hide the Meet tab in Gmail Web

In the current pandemic, teleconferencing services are widely used by the global public as they can support both work and the learning process. Of the many teleconferencing services in existence, Zoom is the top-selling service, the most widely used by the global community, and outperforms existing teleconferencing services.

There are many reasons why Zoom has become the best-selling service. One of them is that the platform developed by Eric Yuan offers far better features than its competitors. Due to its success in becoming the top selling conference call service, several competitors are trying to dominate Zoom.

One of the competitors looking to usurp Zoom’s dominance is Google Meet. Google’s conference call service even pinned the Meet tab on the Gmail web. The goal is that Google wants to make it easier for users to make video calls. But in addition to these goals, they also want to usurp Zoom’s dominance. One way is to embed the Meet tab in the web version of Gmail so Meet users can quickly jump.

For some Gmail users, embedding the Meet tab isn’t too distracting. But for some others, the meet tab is annoying enough that they want to get rid of the meet tab. Are you one of those Gmail users who annoyed the presence of the Meet tab? If you are a user who is bothering with the presence of the Meet tab, you can listen to the following tutorial on how to remove or hide the Meet tab.


1. Please open your web Gmail.

2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner.

3. Click Show All Settings.

4. Click the tab Chat and To meet.

5. Next to the Meet label, select Hide Meet Panel in Main Menu.

6. Click Save Changes and you are done.

If you follow the tutorial mentioned earlier, the Meet tab will be hidden. Try going to Gmail’s web inbox. The Meet tab will then no longer be displayed. To return to the Meet tab, you can repeat the tutorial that was sent, but you must select Show Meet Panel from the main menu.

However, if you don’t want to see the Meet panel in the main menu either, you can always access Meet by going to the link. You can easily access Meet at any time using the link.

This is a guide on how to hide the Meet tab on the Gmail web. Hope it’s useful.

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