How to hide the Facebook friends list on the mobile phone

This article explains how to hide Facebook friends list using Facebook Android application. However, this method is not limited to the operating system, it also applies to iOS or Windows Phone users.


Facebook is a friendship-based social medium that is invariably popular around the world in Indonesia. With Facebook we can interact as friends in cyberspace.

Unlike his younger brother who is based on Instagram follow memollow, using Facebook will not increase the number of contests pendant because the friendship system occurs when one user sends a friend request and the other confirms it.

Such a system is pretty good because it can adapt to the conditions of friendship in the real world where you have to consider friends if you want to be friends with each other.

While the system pendant more inclined to a one-way social media system when we follow someone but those who are followed do not follow back then only one is followed (followed).

Any Facebook user can find other Facebook users by simply doing a search using their username, email address or mobile phone number of their Facebook account.

Even more sophisticated than finding Facebook friends the first time an account is successfully created, Facebook automatically introduces accounts around new users. So don’t be surprised if you are advised to be friends with neighboring accounts.

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But the problem is, if a Facebook account already has a lot of friends, the maximum number of friends is currently limited to 5000 friends. If you already have a lot of friends, other people (Facebook users) can easily find out who we are friends with on Facebook via our timeline.

This will be a problem for the privacy of our friendship. So I’m trying to write an article on how to hide a Facebook friends list from others.

Hiding your Facebook friends list from other users is actually quite easy, but there are still many who don’t know yet. Even if a bit of knowledge is good enough to be able to surf Facebook more safely.

Well, after a long story I’ve told, now is the time to discuss how we can hide our Facebook friends from others.


1. Sign in to your Facebook account through HP
2. Click the button hamburger (three stripes) top right
3. Scroll down and find the menu arrangement, then click

How to hide the Facebook friends list
4. Scroll down to find the menu area of ​​Privacy, namely Privacy settings

How to hide the Facebook friends list
5. Look for the question “Who can see your friends list? “, then click

How to hide the Facebook friends list
6. You can choose who can see the friends list on Facebook to hide it from everyone, then choose Just me

How to hide the Facebook friends list

Now, if you have congratulations, you will not be able to see your friends list from your Facebook account history. But for some mutual friends with someone’s account, they can still see them, limited to their mutual friends only.

It’s simple, if person A is friends with person B, and person C is also friends with person B, then person A can see that person B is on person C’s friends list, and with person C they can see person B who is List of friends of person A.

However, if D is not friends with the three of them and wants to see A’s friends list, D will find no one other than his other mutual friends.


This is a little simple tutorial on how to hide Facebook friends from other users. Hopefully this article can be useful to better protect the privacy of our social media, especially Facebook.

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