How to Hide Stories on Snapgram

Instagram has now introduced its newest feature ie Stories. This function is the same as that of the Snapchat application. So that many Instagram users mention the function Stories it as a Snapgram.

Stories on Instagram disappear within 24 hours or a day after users clicked them.Upload Moment. Users can upload impulsive photos to share with them pendant.

But sometimes there are people who follow you and who you don’t want to see post-a stories. Don’t worry because Instagram made sure of it menu regulate post-a Stories.

Before using this newest feature from Instagram, make sure you have-To update Update the Instagram app to the latest version. you candownload the request at the end of this article.

Regulate Stories before doing post-an, you can go to your Instagram profile and open the menu the settings. there you find Story settings.

Then you will find the button settings top left. After choosing the person you don’t want to see post-an, you can press the button complete. post-and you’ll never be seen in Stories the person you selected next.

Hide stories instagram

If you have chosen pendant If you don’t want to share moments on Snapgram, you can go back to the main menu of your Instagram account. Much luck!

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