How to hide sheets in Microsoft Excel

With certain needs software Microsoft Excel is very helpful indeed for processing data in the form of numbers for certain calculations and usually when we are working on data we sometimes need some data to hide through sheet secure.

For that, in this article we will share how to hide sheet in Microsoft Excel. How one?

How to hide sheets in Microsoft Excel

1. Open a Microsoft Excel worksheet, click Start – All Programs – Microsoft Office – Microsoft Office Excel.

2. And after the Microsoft Excel worksheet is open, let’s focus on the sheet area in the lower left corner.

In this tutorial we will hide sheet 2.

3. Left-click on sheet 2 – then click on Hide.

In this step, sheet 2 is already hidden.

4. To open sheet which can be hidden by left-clicking on one of the sheet Then click Show.

After that a window will appear with information about. indicates sheet hidden, and then click OK.

In this step sheet what has been hidden can be displayed again.

Complete. This is the hiding guide sheet in Microsoft Excel, hopefully the tutorial in this article can help us all hide data in a file sheet and learn to maximize functions in Excel.

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