How to hide read messages in LINE Messenger

Specialty no read chat already present in the WhatsApp application, its function is such that the sender of the message does not know that the message has been read like a blue tick. Meanwhile on LINE when someone is broadcasting Chat for us when we’ve seen it we’ll see the words “read“On LINE of the chat sender.

Then how to do LINE like WhatsApp by removing the check mark read when the message has been read? It can? Yes, of course you can use a custom LINE.

LINE custom has a function that can hide markings “read” in Chat LINE if someone sends a message and we have read it then the message read it won’t be visible.

No chat message read on LINE Custom can deceive the sender of the message that we have read the message. This feature is designed to prevent us from feeling bad if we read the message but didn’t reply to the message. Here is the guide:



1. To install LINE custom apk module.

2. Activate module LINE to xposed and start anew your android.

3. Run LINE Custom apk, allow access root.

If there is a message Error “Read DB error” when opening the menu Read contact or Read group, the solution is to open the root explorer application, go to the folder /data/data/ open minded naver_line Database with SQL editor. then open LINE again Custom-his.

4. Activate functions “no reading chat” his and menu Read chat Will the end.

5. You can also specialize “no reading chat” to a specific person by going to the menu Read contact, Then select the name of the friend you want to activate.

6. For groups, you can also call up the group menu and select which group should be activated.

Apart from the fact that you can hide messages Read chat There are other interesting features as well, namely:

Sticker info, LINE authentication key, unlock limit Upload Unlock video, text /Chat response 1000+ characters, theme changers and effects background Animation.

To activate the theme changer function, like: Create a Line Themes folder in directory sdcard / line-themes / Add a topic to the folder Line themes. Theme name is mandatory rename, for example themefile.37 becomes

Open LINE to open the menu Above then Topic test, Tap Replace subject.

Download Line Custom 8.11.0 – 9.2.2

Download Line Custom 8.11.0 – 8.13.2

Download line theme

Download Inwepo stickers

Remarks: To To install and activate module LINE custom in Xposed must be Reboot / restart Your Android for the custom LINE application to work.

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