How to hide private files in pictures

Hey admit itwho likes to save photos of her ex here, hehehe. Some people when you want to hide files by clickinghide the folder or lock the folder with another application that needs to be installeddownload First.

However, there is a more powerful path that many people are not aware of, especially Indonesians who are GAPTEK but confess TO UPDATE. How to hide files in pictures on a computer running Windows operating system.

This tutorial is aimed at users of the Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 or higher operating system.


  • Files in 1 folder
  • WinRAR application
  • CMD (Prompts)


! Please open RESEARCHERS and follow the steps as in the picture below:


2. Please prepare the files you want to hide in a folder with a folder name hidden.

3. If so, right-click the folder and click “Create” hidden.rar “”.
To hide files in pictures 1

4. Wait for the process. If the file you are trying to hide is large, it can take a long time.

How to hide files in pictures 2

5. If available, please prepare any image with the image name “img” (JPG image format required).

How to hide files in pictures 3

6. Then you click Start menu, type in “CMD”, then in the application “Command Prompt / CMD” Right click – ras an administrator.

How to hide files in pictures 4

7. Click on Yes sirFirst, save both files “hidden.rar” and “img” to local hard drive D outside the folder.

8. Then enter this into the CMD application:


Proceed by entering the code below

Copy /b img.jpg+hidden.rar hasil.jpg

And it works, if it fails it means something is wrong with the steps you have taken.

How to hide files in pictures 5


To open a file hidden in a drawing:rename Files Result.jpg Will Result.rar. Thanks very much.

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