How to hide photos on iPhone without apps

Of course, you often have to take photos when there is a moment that means a lot to you and you don’t want to just let the moment go by, so capture the moment by taking photos or videos. In addition, you must have taken a lot of photos with your iPhone, some of which there are photos that you consider private.

And then some of your friends want to see the photos on your iPhone and actually you don’t want your friends to see some photos that you think are private. So this time the author wants to give a tutorial on how to hide photos on iPhone without using any additional applications, see the following tutorial.

Video tutorials


1. Open the app Photos – Tap Choose Select the photos you want to hide Tap the icon Share extensions.

2. Swipe left Tap Hide Tap again Hide.

3. Now that your photos have been hidden, you can restore the hidden photos Tap Albums – Scroll down, tap Hidden.

4. On the menu Hidden This page shows a list of hidden photos Show hidden photos again Tap Choose Select the photo that you want to restore Tap the icon Share extensions.

5. Swipe left, tap Fade in And your photo will appear again as usual in the photo menu.

This is a tutorial on how to hide photos on iPhone without an application. Hope it’s useful.

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