How to hide or delete all posts on Facebook

Facebook is a social medium that was developed as a place to unleash the emotions of its users, Facebook social media seems to indirectly instruct its users to express their emotional feelings at any time, so it is not surprising that Facebook is often criticized by its users for selling data, user data. What is meant by selling is not distributing user emails and passwords to others, but selling the activities that you do a lot, be it what you want, wherever you are going, and so on.

Facebook always offers additional functions or services so that old Facebook users want to use it again, one of the reasons for the decreasing interest of Facebook users, especially in Indonesia, because they are ashamed of their actions the first time they use Facebook, like z As always to create alay statuses and others, Facebook has a feature that allows users to quickly clear any statuses they created. Here is how.


1. You access your Facebook profile via PC / laptop.

2. There is a button with the name at the bottom of the status fill-in form Manage post, click the button.

3. You will be redirected to a new page, you will have to wait for all of your Facebook statuses to be retrieved. Whether it takes a long time or not depends on the number of your Facebook statuses. When it appears, click Check box next to the month and year to automatically check all statuses for that month. If you want to clear / remove all of your Facebook statuses, check them all Check box that exists. When you are sure of your choice, a button will appear next and you click the button.

4. A question will appear whether your Facebook status will be deleted or just removed? In the author’s case, if you choose all of your statuses, you can only choose the remove status option, when you choose, click the button Complete.

5. A second confirmation appears, you click on the blue button, in the case of the author it says Hide posts.

6. Done.


Why can’t all statuses be deleted? because if you select all statuses, a status is also embedded in which you change your profile photo, cover and other special statuses where the status cannot be deleted at all, therefore Facebook only offers the option to only delete it and not delete but just calm down, all of your Facebook friends cannot see your post.

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