How to hide online status on Instagram Android

Instagram is a very popular social media application so far, there are many features Instagram is releasing so far. The functions that are still busy so far are still debating about the IGTV function, although the IGTV function has passed almost 6 months after this article was written, but the IGTV function is still often used on Instagram and even others discussed on social media such as Youtube.

One of the features that the author thinks is good and very suitable for you stalker who likes to see the account of his ex or crush is a feature is it online or not?, this function is actually common if you have previously used Facebook’s social media, as this function only gives a sign when someone is in a status on-line or open the Instagram application, is displayed badge green color when you see your DM list indicating someone is on status on-line.

However, some people think that with this feature, their privacy is easily known to others, not only will the online status be known to others, but they can also see your activities, such as: Likes, comments, and Follow. From all of these problems, you can cover up or hide them using the features of Instagram launched at the same time as this feature. Here is a tutorial on how to turn off online status in Instagram DMs.


1. Open your Instagram app.

2. Then you go to the menu or tab Profile.

3. Then go to Settings.

4. Search menu Activity status.

5. Then disable it in the menu View activity status.

Remarks: After performing the above actions, the online status of your account will not be visible to others badge green color, and also any activity like, comment and follow You will not be recognized by others, so your privacy is more alert and secure.

This is the tutorial on how to hide online status on Instagram Android. Hope it’s useful.

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