How to Hide Instagram Story from Stalker

Who doesn’t know Instagram? As we all know, Instagram is a social network service for sharing photos and videos. Instagram enables its users to take photos and videos and apply digital filters. Currently, Instagram is one of the most popular social media outlets in the world and is still growing today.

Instagram continues to update its application so it can keep growing and evolving. One way is to start the Instagram Stories feature. Insta stories are useful for encouraging users to create and share more content on the Instagram platform. This Instagram Stories feature is also one of the most widely used and viewed features compared to other Instagram features.

Instagram stories

Instagram Stories or generally called Insta Stories are short pieces of content with photos or videos that disappear within 24 hours. This feature is at the very top of your Instagram homepage. In fact, content like this was originally inspired by Snapchat. Since this makes it easier for Instagram users to interact, Instagram is finally using this function on its platform.

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In this Insta story, you can add various embellishments like text, stickers and various filters that can add coolness to your posts on these social media. This unique feature in Insta Story is also very suitable for those of you who like to post your daily moments or your OOTD. Oh yeah, Insta Story also gives you broader stalking opportunities because this is where you can find out who the people are who are seeing every photo or video you upload to it.

Features on Instagram

Besides the widespread use of the Stories feature, Instagram has added a number of other features to improve the quality of Insta Stories such as: B. by adding filter functions, close friends and others. Most of Instagram users are only familiar with the Close Friend feature, which allows users to share stories and can only be seen by specific people chosen by the user. But do you know? Instagram also has a story hide feature that allows us to upload InstaStories without being seen by specific people.

Here is a tutorial on how to hide Instagram Stories from people you don’t want or from evil stalkers who love to stalk you. Just watch the tutorial below.


1. Sign in to the settings on your Instagram account.

How to hide the Instagram story from stalkers

2. Go to Settings safety in the account settings

How to hide the Instagram story from stalkers

3. Next go to Settings Story / story and then select Hide / hide history

How to hide the Instagram story from stalkers

4. The next step is to select the people who do not want to see your story. After the people you selected are highlighted in blue, you can go back and upload your InstaStory without fear of being seen by others.

How to hide the Instagram story from stalkers


Now you can limit who can see your story posts by hiding your Instagram story so other people can’t see it. This is to keep your privacy safe.

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