How to hide files, photos and videos on Android

Hiding photos or videos on a mobile phone is a surefire way to keep the file from being seen by others and only visible to the owner.

Like a photo with an ex so the new boyfriend won’t find out and various other personal photos. There are many ways to hide a photo or video file without deleting it. Here are some easy ways to hide photos or videos on Android manually or using free applications.

I. How to hide files, photos or videos without application (manually)

Rename the photo or video file by typing. (Period) in front of the name, for example the name of the picture Clothing.jpg so .clothes.jpg

1. Open the file manager application, you can use the download explorer application on the play store.

2. Go to your picture and video storage folder

3. Last rename Name the file, photo or video by adding it . (Period) in front of the name

4. Now open your photo gallery application, then the photo or video that you give the name . (Point) from that everything will be invisible or hidden.

To return it, just remove the dot in front of it.

An example of the picture below is before a point is awarded. Name in front of it.

An example of the picture below is after a point has been awarded. Name in front of it.


II. How to hide files, photos or videos with apps

There are many free apps on the Play Store that you can use to hide picture or video including hide picture, gallery lock. In this tutorial we will use the QuickPic application and Apps Lock & Gallery Lock + Hide.

A. QuickPic

1. Quickpic is a gallery application for accessing photos and videos, as well as Android’s default gallery application and can also be used to hide pictures or videos, but the application is missing as it was not designed to hide files.

2. Open Quickpic, press and hold the image folder you want to hide, then select the menu on the right – Hide.

3. To display it again, select the menu on the right – Show the hidden.


B. Apps Lock & Gallery Lock + Hide.

1. To install Apps lock and gallery lock + hide the app from the Play Store.

2. Run the application and then select a lock pattern from one of the 3 patterns, namely Pins, pattern and Voice access.

3. After setting the lock pattern, go to the menu, select Hide gallery.

4. Press and hold the photo or video you want to hide until a check mark appears, and then select the button hide under,

5. Go to the hidden tab to view the successfully hidden image or video. To restore it back, press and hold the picture until you see a check mark, then expand it.

This application can also lock any desired applications so that no one else can access them. complete

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