How to hide files on Android without apps

Some of us may have some personal files or documents on our Android devices that we don’t want others to know or see. Well, if you are one of them now, there is a very easy way to hide those personal files even without the help of an application.

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But you can do it that way Smartphone you haven’t root or already in a state root . The principle of operation is actually quite simple, which is to follow how the Android system itself works by preventing files or folders from being displayed in the gallery. How to hide Android files using the .nomedia folder:


1. Go to the file settings (file manager) in Smartphone then Tap at the 3 points in the upper right corner afterwards create new folder by title .no media

2. Find the folder where you save the file you want to hide. When you find it, select one of the files you want to hide, then choose Menu cut (cut) and Move files it in the folder .no media

3. Done and you can check the gallery to see if the file you moved earlier has disappeared and saved in the .nomedia folder

How easy is it, without the help of third party applications you can already hide your personal files. Actually, you don’t have to name the folder with .nomedia, you can name it anything you want as long as it is in front of it there is a point (.) .

In addition, sometimes this method does not apply to some Smartphone because of a request for a file (fFile manager) does not support creating a .nomedia folder. To fix this, you can use the free Explorer application on the Play Store.

Download Explorer-Android

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