How to hide files and folders on Linux

file digital is sometimes very valuable. Some of them have photos and videos. Photos and videos usually contain moments and memories that cannot be repeated. Therefore we collect often Files on the computer to save all of our memories.

Sometimes there is Files and folders on the computer that others cannot see and that we are not supposed to access. There are several reasons why someone doesn’t want to Files and the folder does not want to be called up or seen by others. Whether it contains Files important, personal videos or photos of your ex.

If you save Files and secret folders on your computer and don’t want others to access and see them, you can hide them. How one?

If you’re using Linux, here are the steps to hide it Files and folder on Linux.

1. Open File manager you are using, then navigate to the folder or file that you want to hide.

2. Right click on the folder or Files it then choose “rename”.

3. Add a “. ”(Period, without quotation marks) in front of the folder name or Files. Then click Enter.

4. Now folder or Files disappear or have been faded out.

4. Now you can ask how you can access Files or a folder that has just been hidden? It’s easy, press CTRL + H. Then File manager will show Files or the folder.

5. Now Files and your secret folders are inaccessible to others because you have hidden them. And only you know how to access it.

The above method can be used for various Linux distributions ranging from elementary operating systems, Ubuntu, Debian, Arch Linux, OpenSuse, and others.

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