How to hide Facebook likes from Android

Did you know the number of likes can be hidden on your FB status? it turns out developer recently added a new function, namely the hiding of the Like or Like button in the Facebook application. Well, to find out what the details are, please read the review below to find out how to hide them to like on Facebook.


Who doesn’t know social media that is dominated by this blue color? Yes, the masterpiece of a Mark Zuckerberg is to this day its charm as social media cannot be dampened, it is still a social media that is used quite a lot by the general public and that you can rely on not only as social media for sharing moments or status, Facebook has also become Marketplace and buying and selling forums and businesses. As a medium that has users all over the world and certainly not a few, Facebook therefore has to keep innovating by presenting new interesting functions so that users do not get bored with outdated functions and menus on Facebook so quickly.

Hide like

Recently Facebook introduced a new feature, in fact this feature was used in the Instagram application and is now being rolled out on Facebook. The function is a hiding function to like or similar. As we know, the Like or Like button is one of the characteristics of Facebook that we have known for a long time. So what is the purpose of Facebook to start this feature?

Facebook said that the hiding function to like This is with the goal of allowing users to focus more on the results of what they are sharing, be it in the form of photos or videos. Whatever is done isn’t just figuring out how much to like which will be obtained later. Facebook indirectly motivates many users to think more about the quality of what is shared without having to worry about it to like provided by other users.


1. Open your Facebook application, then Tap Burger menu in the top right corner. Scroll down until you find the menu Settings & data protection, then select the menu again arrangement.

How to hide Facebook likes from Android

2. In the Settings menu, select the menu again Feedback settings. Later there are 2 choices in your own post and in other people’s posts. Deactivate both menus.

How to hide Facebook likes from Android


So like above, how to hide to likeSo from now on you should care more about the quality of what you share than To like that you get. Enjoy your work!

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