How to hide chat chats on Android Telegram

Indeed, privacy is one of the most important things absolutely everyone has, especially when it comes to chat Chat. We can also chat privately in the Telegram application Chat important or hide it from others to read. How one? Read more below.

Some time ago, Telegram was called an application Chat Bestsellers in 42 countries, not only that Telegram has around 200 million active users every month. In fact, we know WhatsApp is still number one for businesses Chat. However, it is possible that Telegram could compete with WhatsApp.

It can be recognized by its more extensive features and also does not take up too much RAM Smartphone Telegram can be a dream for anyone for purposes Chat. If groups are limited to hundreds on WhatsApp, it can be thousands on Telegram. But beyond that, all of our privacy for chatting Chat more important.

Well this time inwepo is going to share a trick to hide chats Chat We’re on Telegram. Instead of lingering, just head over to the tutorial below.

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1. Make sure you have download and To install First the Vidogram app in the Play Store.

2. Access the Vidogram application with your Telegram account. then Tap 3 lines in the top left corner, then select the Vidogram Settings menu.

3. Search menu Hide chat settings then Tap or activate button Hide chat activation.

4. You will be asked to create a hide passcode Chat She. To start hiding messages, long tap the chat to hide it later Tap 3 dots in the upper right corner to bring up another menu.

5. Tap menu Hide Hide messages. To bring it back up, long press symbol Seek.

6. Enter the passcode you created earlier to log in and view the chat Chat hidden.

This is the tutorial on how to hide chat chats on Android Telegram. Hope it’s useful.

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