How to Hide Apps On iPhone

How to Hide Apps On iPhone – Specifically this time we will review information for iPhone users. The information is regarding How to Hide Apps On iPhone. This method is definitely very important for those of you who don’t know it. For those of you who already know or still forget to remember, then please just read this article so that you understand more

As Admin has observed recently, the iPhone is ranked second for the category of most users in Indonesia. This is very reasonable and reasonable. The first reason is generally because the price set by the developer is more expensive than Android. The second reason may be because the features are less attractive.

If the reason is because the features are less attractive or the fabric sets are more attractive, then this is more to the interest of individuals or everyone who has different views. Whatever it is, both iPhone and Android have their advantages and disadvantages. So please use a smartphone device that fits your own criteria

Well, now let’s return to the topic of discussion, namely about How to Hide Apps On iPhone. This method is actually not difficult, what makes it difficult is ourselves who are reluctant to find out how. By reading this article, it shows that you are serious and serious about knowing how to do it.

How to Hide Apps On iPhone

Everyone has their own or different reasons why they want to hide the applications that are already installed on the iPhone they use. Generally they argue because they want to maintain privacy or don’t want the application to be opened by other people who intentionally or accidentally borrow our iPhone.

Whatever the reasons you put forward, in essence you or all of us both want to know how easy and fast we can hide applications from the iPhone desktop display that we use every day. To find out how you can read and pay attention to the steps or procedures that we have prepared below

How to Hide Apps On iPhone

  • First, please, if your iPhone’s main screen is filled with applications or don’t leave empty space
  • At the bottom of the dock please make sure it is filled with applications and don’t leave empty space too
  • To be able to hide the application, please place it on a different screen or don’t place it on the main screen
  • Please long-tap the application you want to hide then drag it to the main screen and please show it to other applications
  • That way the app you want to hide will create a group with the app you pressed earlier
  • Thus the application will not be visible on the screen and the person who borrowed your cellphone does not know if you have the application
  • Done

After you know how, the question will appear about how to open the application that was hidden earlier? Of course the method is very easy, you just need to open the Spotlight search by swiping to the bottom of the main screen. Now please type the name of the application you are hiding, then the application will come out.

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That’s all we can present and share with you, hopefully what we have discussed and shared above you can use well. That’s a review about How to Hide Apps On iPhone.

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