How to hack someone’s location via WhatsApp

For whatever reason, when you want to know where the person you’re waiting for is or whatever is passing by Whatsapp can it be tracked? The following is How to find a person’s location via WhatsApp.

Track the IP address with the command prompt

1. First you have to open website Whatsapp web, After that, buddy Chat with everyone free.


2. Then, my friend, first turn off the application running on your laptop / PC by calling Task manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del, then choose Task manager.


3. Then switch WL Friends, open WhatsApp – select table Chat – WhatsApp web.


4. After you’ve done it Scan barcodes then the display appears Whatsapp on your PC / laptop screen.


5. After you’ve done it Chat with a girlfriend or boyfriend, now is the time for a friend to open up CMD by pressing the logo Window + R.


6. Then type netstat -a -n -o then press Enter.


7. Now that you’ve got the IP address, it’s time to track its location. open minded website then enter the IP address that you wrote down or Copy.


8. Then my friend can find out where someone is. In fact, this method is not very accurate, there are still many shortcomings, so please for those of you who want to try it out.

Actually, it’s not just WhatsApp that we can use to track someone’s whereabouts. but also facebook, twitter etc. can follow you, find it this way. Remember this method, don’t misuse it if you don’t want to negotiate with the authorities

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