How to get the latest 2 FF Evo Guns, with dragon animation!

The latest FF Evogan to be released!

In battle royale games, the most important thing to win a match is the weapon.

One of the battle royale games, Free Fire (FF), We offer many types of weapons that we can use.

In addition, FF offers many weapon skins that can be used in combat, making it cooler.

Famous for Free Fire Evolutionary weapon, Above all the best weapon skins.

This weapon has a cool shape and features an animation that targets this weapon.

Recently a leak occurred 2 Evogan Which one will Galena release in the future!

The latest evolution gun FF!

Who doesn’t like Evogan? Of course, let’s all get this Evogan!

The latest Evo Gun will be available later this month October 2022 Later, to get the next Evo AKM And Umm.

Yes, the two players’ favorite weapons are Evogan What you can use next.

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AKM Blue Frame Draco

This AKM weapon skin has a very cool feature with a dragon animation.

Your AKM has dragon wings and a head, a blue flame on the body of the weapon, and most colors are black and blue.

You can see the animation using this weapon. This is as cool as any other weapon.

Give this weapon too emoticon To users who appear to have been summoned to display this weapon.

This weapon gains more features as the weapon level continues to rise. emoticon The above can be obtained at level 8.

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UMP Bouya Day

The new Booyah Day FF ​​event may be an inspiration for Garena to create an event-themed Evo Gun.

Yes, it’s not perfect, but this cool UMP skin leak is very cool in the space purple color with electrical effect before that.

There are no other complete leaks in this UMP skin and it is still under construction.

First of all, how to get it!

From youtube Randy Rangers He said you can see this skin first, you can change the date on your phone.

By changing to October 26, 2022 Future Evo Gun skins can be found on the Evo Gun tab.

Of smartphone[設定]>[今日の日付を次の日付に変更]Go to October 26, 2022 > Run Free Fire.

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