How to get the daily hadith on Android smartphones

Would you like to receive daily hadith notifications Smartphone You? It means you are in the right place. In the following article, inwepo has prepared an easy way to get daily hadith Smartphone your android.

For all of us who are Muslims, of course, we already know the name of the Koran and Al Hadith. Yes, both are available as a guide and are also the most important source of orientation aids, especially for the life of Muslims.

A little about the hadith, the hadith are the words or words, deeds and ordinances of the Great Prophet Muhammad SAW that are used as the basis of life and Sharia in Islam.

The position of the hadith itself is the second source of law after the Quran. As human beings and also as creatures of God, it is obligatory for all of us, especially for Muslims, to always obey the commandments and prohibitions.

And with the presence of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, who is present as our Apostle, it is appropriate that everything that comes out of his mouth and actions should become an example and a guide to life for all of us.

Well, everything is smart in this modern age. In addition, the cell phone that we know today has also become a cell phone Smartphone with all-in-one technology. Now we can also make life more useful by sending daily hadith directly to Smartphone.

Curious how to get notifications? Just take a look Tutorialsit down.

Video tutorials


1. In the first step, make sure that youTo install My daily hadith app

2. Second step, Tap symbol equipment or the settings then Tap Language to select the language to be used.

3. Third step, Tap Hadith start menu to select which page or hadith to start from. Don’t forget to turn on the alert button to always receive notifications.

4. Fourth step, Tap The time menu will appear, then set each hourly time you will get the daily hadith.

5. The fifth step, you can too share or share in different forms tap the share icon. You can also copy just the Arabic text or its translation.

This is the tutorial on how to get the daily hadith Smartphone Android. Hope it’s useful.

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