How to Get Spotify Premium for Free on iOS (iPhone)

For those who are already jailbroken, the term is tweaks must be known. But for the layman who has never jailbroken an iOS device before, they must be confused as to what a tweak is. For those who don’t know tweaks can be said as Tools or tools that can create anything on iOS devices if those features aren’t available or Apple doesn’t allow them.

Type tweaks various things ranging from changing the appearance (design), choosing and changing the notification sound of each application, changing the battery logo, wifi logo on your name or others. Optimize You can also use the features in premium or paid applications for free without having to spend any money.

You are all familiar with the music streaming application Spotify where this application has two options. The first is that there is a free option to use this application but in this free mode you will be very disturbed by advertisements and normal sound quality and only you can skip sing three times.

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The second option is Premium, which gives you ad-free, good sound quality, and allows you to save songs offline. But this premium mode if you have to spend money because you have to subscribe every month.

In this tutorial we offer a solution for those of you who can continue to use Spotify for free but without advertising, and who want to and can listen to songs in good quality skip unlimited songs. Check out the tutorial below.

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Jailbroken iOS


1. Open the app Cydia then seek tweaks “Spotlife” TapTo install” and Tap again “Confirm” in the upper right corner.

2. If you don’t find it tweaks Proceed as follows:

Go to the menu “source“-“To edit“In the upper right corner, then TapAdd to”In the top left corner then add the following url:”Without quotes and TapAdd source“. Cydia will install, wait a moment.

3. Completed installation TapReboot stepping stone“. After it’s done To install, Your device will Reboot / restart and “you go back to the first step.

4. Cydia will perform the installation “source“wait a moment, finish the installation”source“-” RReboot stepping stone“And your device will Reboot / restart.

5. According to your device Reboot / restart, open the Spotify app on your iOS device, then Tap Signature “corridor“In the upper right corner and select”Spotilife

6. After you have selected the menu “Spotilife“There are many features, please choose which features you need. (Don’t forget Tap in “Allows“so AT so that tweaksit is active.

Done, now you can enjoy Spotify Premium features in free mode. (To check if your account is Premium, Tap Signature “corridor“In the upper right corner and Tapaccount” by doing Subscribe to signed your account Bonuses).

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