How to Get Shopee THR from the 10 Billion Shopee Planting Game

How to Get Shopee THR – Shopping online is something that is now loved by everyone, because apart from being easy and fast, it turns out that there are many discounted promo prices that you can get. Therefore, shopee has become the largest e-commerce (online shopping) in Indonesia besides Bukalapak.

Well, speaking of shopee, of course we will focus on the shopee planting game with a prize of 10 billion. Of course this is intended to pamper its users. Then how to get thr from the game??.

If my friend is looking for a tutorial on how to get thr from the shopee planting game, then it’s really fitting on this occasion I will share tips & tricks with all of you on how to get thr on shopee. More info see as follows.

What is Shopee Planting Game

As I explained earlier, this month Shopee has held a game with a prize of 10 billion, namely Shopee Planting. Maybe for those who often shop at shopee, of course they know this.

For how to play the shopee planting game, this is quite unique and fun, because you have to plant fruits and water the fruit trees regularly, so you can produce lots of fruit.

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Of course with this game, I’m sure that there are lots of people who want to play it in order to get a prize of 10 billion. However, before we proceed with the steps, my friend must first see the prizes that you will get.

Shopee Planting Game Prizes

It seems like my friends already know that the prizes we get when playing this Ramadan edition of the shopee planting game are fantastic, namely 10 billion thr cash. In addition, you can also play other shopee games such as shopee shake, where the prize is that you can shop for free just by collecting coins. Alright, no need for further ado, let’s get into how to get thr shopee 10 billion which is below.

How to Get Shopee THR on Shopee Game Plant 10 Billion

Well, if you want to try to find hockey, you can play this shopee planting game, but how do you play it?? don’t worry because I will explain about how to play the shopee planting game until you can get a thr 10 billion prize. For the steps, my friend can see it as follows:

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  • The first step, my friend, is to open the Shopee application that is already on your smartphone
  • If you have, a game shopee will appear, then press and please, my friend, select the seeds you want to plant. In order to get thr 10 billion, you have to choose THR seeds.

how to play shoppe plant 10 billion

  • Next, my friend, just plant the thr seeds and take care of them properly by watering them regularly.

plant shopee game

  • If the seeds that you planted have been harvested, then you have to pick the fruit
  • The last one is that my friend will get a prize from the fruit harvest that I said earlier
  • Done, good luck

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Maybe that’s the first review at this meeting regarding How to Get Shopee THR From the 10 Billion Shopee Planting Game, I hope the reviews I share can be useful and help friends who are looking for how to play the game without shopee.

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