How to get Mr.FF Pets Free Wago’s! (August 2022)

How to get Mr Waggor’s FF pets for free! (August 2022)

The Free Fire 3rd Anniversary celebration is nearing its climax, and Garena has given FF players a number of gifts as the event continues.

In addition to compelling prizes, this August FF brought exciting updates in the form of new maps, new characters, and even new pets!

Following the development of Free Fire Advance Server in July last year, the spinner is Mr. Wagol, a new FF pet figure.

This penguins pet has a very unique skill of giving your character one or two glue wall grenades every 90 seconds.

However, no pets appeared in the FF Anniversary Update after the OB23 Advanced Server update was completed. Wagol.

Still, Mr. Waggor is easy and free!

How to get Mr.FF pets Free Wagoru

Mr Waggor FF Free

Waggor is free and very easy to get him! Just replenish the diamonds!

At this Free Fire 3rd Anniversary event, Garena will hold an event in the form of a top-up bonus. As soon as the spinner replenishes 140 diamonds, you’ll get a Mr. FF pet. Free wagger!

You don’t need to use additional diamonds to buy Mr. Waggor, you get your pet for free right away.

However, this event starts on August 22nd and ends on August 28th, so you need to act quickly.

Another way to get Mr Wagole

Currently, Mr. Pets are not available for purchase at the Free Fire shop, so Waggor will be attending this replenishment event.

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And if Mr. Waggor is in the FF shop. You probably need to buy it for 600 diamonds. Therefore, this top-up option is a better offer for you!

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