How to get M79 Deadly Bat for free at FF Supermarket Event!

Get M79 – Deadly Bat for Free at FF Supermarket Events!

This week, Free Fire (FF) players welcome the latest event, the Supermarket event.

At this event, there are many prizes that players can easily win for free.

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One of Spinner’s prizes at this event was the Deadly Bat M79 skin! For those who want skin, this article will show you how to get it!

M79 Deadly Bat Free Supermarket Event FF

M79 Deadly Bat Free Supermarket Event FF

To get the M79 – Deadly Bat for free, spinners can do this by exchanging white flower tokens at supermarket events.

White Flower Tokens will be available from May 5th to 16th, 2022 and will be available upon completing a Free Fire match.

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Of course, the M79 – Deadly Bat skin isn’t the only item that spinners can get with the White Flower Token.

Other prizes that can be earned using these tokens are:

  • 40x White Flower Token + 1x Gold Flower Token: M79 – Deadly Bat
  • 25x White Flower Token: Diamond Royal Voucher (Limit: 5)
  • 5x White Flower Token: Avatar – Celebrate Diversity
  • 5x White Flower Token: 1x Deadly Bat Weapon Root Crate (Limit: 5)
  • 2x White Flower Token: 1x Airdrop Summon (Limit: 99)

Here’s how to get M79 – Deadly Bat skin for free at a supermarket event.Don’t forget to visit Spin website Follow your account for more information Instagram And Youtube we.

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