How to get lots of free coins in the LINE Messenger

To buy premium stickers from LINE you need coins, to get coins you have to buy them, but LINE also gives free coins on the condition that you download several game applications recommended by other and that you download 5-10 coins each time you download an application for Indonesia.

The free coin function on LINE is very limited for Indonesia, sometimes you only get 30 of the results of downloading 3-5 applications. To outsmart how we get a lot of coins of which we have to change the phone number outside of the country.

At the moment it is already difficult to get free LINE stickers as we now have to use a phone number according to the country of the sticker. So this time around, we’re relying on overseas phone numbers online for free coins that can be used to buy pemium stickers. because if you are using a local number the coins are small. Here is the guide:

The prerequisite is that you have never installed a game application from LINE, this method can only be performed on Android. There is no free coin menu on iOS.

1. Register a phone number outside of the country, e.g. Ireland. You can find the telephone number in the previous inwepo article: How to get a free virtual number

2. After you have registered and received the telephone number, open the free coin menu.

3. Download all the games and applications, then confirm that you will receive free coins.

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