How to get HM Surf in Pokemon Revolution Online

Pokemon Revolution is Games which can be played on both PC and Android. Games It has three servers that you can choose viz Red Yellow, and blue. The most crowded server is the Red server, of course because this server is the oldest. This time, I’m going to discuss how to surf HM. Hm is very useful because it allows us to navigate the ocean and move islands around.

1. Go to Fuchsienstadt, Continue Pokemon Center the city. (Android, Windows, Mac and Linux)

2. After arriving in front of the Pokemon Center, Go south towards Fuchsia City Stop House.

3. If you are already inside, just go straight until you come out Stop house This.

Well you arrive Route 19, please speak to Victor in the lower right corner of the beach.

4. Well, you are being invited battle with winner, If you win, you will be notified where HM surf is. And it turns out it’s on the table Safari wood.

Okay, let’s just go on safari.

5. Please speak to the staff there, you will be offered some prices. Because we’re only here for a while, so choose some 5000.

6. If you are already logged in, go to Safari area 3 and look for the house according to the picture. If you find it, please enter it.

7. In the house there is pokeball on a wooden table, please take it with you because it’s HM Surf. There is no pokeball in my picture because I took it before.

8. If you can, please install the HM on your Pokémon that can. Of course, to use the surf you have to have it Surf badge, the author himself forgot how many gyms this surf badge has.

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