How to get great results with HP printers

Printer is a tool for printing a document or image that has previously been processed or created on a PC / laptop, a more detailed explanation is a tool that converts documents not Physical to physical, from what cannot be held to what can be grasped.

Printers are of many types, this type depends on the ink used, such as: Ink cartridges , Ink powder, infusion, and other. Most of the printers that we encounter a lot in Indonesia are printers infusion because when the ink runs out, unlike ink, the results are good and don’t cost a lot of money Ink cartridges which one should we buy cartridgeagain without being able to recharge cartridge the same although it can, but the results will be poor.

Poor print results depend on how long it takes cartridge the same or the same ink tool is used many times, although the ink infusion no exchange necessary tonernya, but over time the results obtained will definitely be bad, so you will need to replace at least every couple of years Toner cartridge from the printer.

For those of you who haven’t had time to share Cartridge / toner Your printer but you need to print a document with good results, you can follow the tutorial below to get your printer to print well again, here is the tutorial.


1. Here the author uses Ms.Word to print the document, you get to the document print menu (to press).

2. Then you search for writing Printer properties / options and you click on it.

3. Then you click on tab Paper / quality, and change Quality settings Will BEST.

4. Then search the media for the name of the media that contains the word Glittering like in the picture below and you click OK.

5. Done, you can print your document directly.

Here is a tutorial on how to get results to press good with printer PS, hopefully useful.

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